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Re: Subject: [IP]Newbie needs help

>> Robin -
>> And the am spike
>> that Michael talks about is very real for Jenna ON SCHOOL DAYS only
>> as well (almost enough to make me home school!) 

>Bet she sleeps later, eh!  You can use a constant carb ratio 
>througout the day and subsitute a fixed size bolus for the "start up" 
>requirement. It only kicks in if you eat, but is not changed by the 
>carbs in the meal.
>email @ redacted

Actually Michael, I have it everyday, whether I wake up at 5:30am on
weekdays, or 9:30am on weekends.  My bs starts at 114 and in an hour
if I don't eat food it is always 200+ and it keeps going.
If I take my insulin then, I always need to take 5u Humalog whether
I eat anything or not.  If I eat I use a 1/7 carb ratio.

-- Sherry
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