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>Subject: [IP] Advice for taking on the Insurance Company<

I am going trogh the same thing, but in my case they are pushing the
Precision.  I have used a Life Scan Profile since it came out and have a
solid system of record keeping that helps me immensely.  I want to keep the
system and don't believe the alleged differences in accuracy are that
significant.  Aetna/USHealthcare will authorize the strips for the
Precision but not for the Profile altho they will reimburse me for them if
I send in the receipts (or so I am told).  I am highly skeptical of this. 
I was just beginnign a similiar disucssion with Cigna when I had to switch
health plans.

The issue is the collusion between product companies and the insurance
companies that is taking away from us the ability to self manage our
diabetes.  That self management, as you know, is very personal to each

It is necessary to keep exchanging information andpublicize this issue
whereever possible.  No one should take a dictated change lying down.  The
squeaky wheel gets the grease and it is necessary for everyone to keep
after the insurance companies and the product companies.  The real problem
is that these decisions are being made without independent input from those
of us who live with diabetes.  The decision makers don't understand the
nature of self management.

Finally, we must keep pushing legislation to require certain coverages on
both the state and federal level.


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