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Re: [IP] Re:

Mark Harding wrote:
> I am strongly considering the pump.  Do you like the minimed?  How long
> is it allowed to be disconnected?  

It depends on the situation, just like anything else in diabetes. If you're
going to be very active, such as when swimming strenuously, you may not need
it for several hours, but usually a shorter span disconnected makes more sense.

When you disconnect, do you have a
> hole in your skin where you connect to?  

No, the canula that is actually in you stays there, at least with Teflon sets, 
such as the Tenders/Silhouettes/Comforts (all the same, OEM) or MiniMeds QRs.
You can go to MiniMed's webpage at:
to see what it looks like generally. That picture shows it from straight above, 
the white tape around the edges holds it on you, the canula is to the right, and
the hose is to the left. The base is split, the back half is unclipped by 
squeezing the 2 side clips and pulling it sideways. The other half, with 
the canula, stays on and in you

If so, do you cover it
> somehow?

Not necessary, though they always include an extra half (without hose) to clip
into it if you are going to be getting dirty or having something that may
clog up the clips. The base half that stays on you has a rubber seal in it,
somewhat like the rubber top of an insulin vial, and this keeps the
canula from being invaded.

Ted Quick
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