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Humalog activity was Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #322

Richard Uhlman wrote:
> Suggestions Please:  After a week of having to lower my son's basals due to
> low sugars, he is now going sky high.  I have raised the basals, have given
> temporary basal rate increases, have changed out his site, etc.  The only
> thing I wonder about is that he has a new cartridge that I filled from an
> unopened bottle of humalog.  I carried that bottle with me while I traveled
> and wonder if it has "gone bad".  The insulin brings him down eventually
> though... if the insulin has gone bad, would it not work at all, or could
> it be decreased in its action time, or what?   Thanks for any advice.

Insulin doesn't really go bad, as such, it basically gets weaker. The
problem with Humaolg though, seems to be that it affects the infusion site
so that it doesn't flow in or absorb as easily, often resulting in the need 
to start a new site rather soon.

Ted Quick
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