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[IP] MM vs. D

Almost every day someone new poses the question: Which pump is best?

A good friend started pumping a few days before I did. He's got a D. I've
got an MM. We've talked about our pumps a lot.

Can I take a stab at describing the key differences between the two? I would
never say one is better, but clearly each offers certain characteristics
that may or may not be important to an individual pumper.

## MM can be backlit with a touch. D cannot. I personally find this valuable
in the night, in the car when it's very bright out, etc.

## D is easily made waterproof (with the addition of two little caps.) M is
waterproof only if you put it in an MM SportGuard that's very bulky. M isn't
bothered, though, by getting a bit wet or sprayed. And, many pumpers
disconnect anyhow when they swim briefly.

## Both are easy to disconnect fast. It's the INFUSION SET you choose, not
the pump, that allows those fast released. The infusion set choices are the
same for each pump.

## D sends customers TWO pumps for the price of one, in case one goes on the
blink. M does not.

## M divides your hourly basal rate, then gives you a .1 dose every few
minutes. So, if you're on a .4u/hr basal, you get a little dose every 15
minutes. I like this because I watch the time, hear the click, then
disconnect to shower. D delivers a little dose every 3 minutes (I think), so
you get a tinier amount, but more often. During a shower you might miss a
drib, but not much!

## M clicks to let you know it's giving you a dose. D makes a brief grinding
sound. My friend chose D specifically because it was, he thought, a bit
quieter. I personally like the click; it reassures me. Either way, the only
person who typically hears these noises is you!

## My friend tells me D does not allow bolus doses other than in multiples
of .5, which I sort of find hard to believe. M allows bolus doses of .1 or

## They weight almost exactly the same.

## MiniMed is an American company; Diesetronic is Swiss.

Corrections/additions, anyone?


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