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Re: [IP] New Pumper!!!!


My daughter is 12 and just started on the Disetronic pump. We have had no 
problems. Now, granted we have only been doing this one week today...yeah..., 
but she chose the Disteronic because she thought it seemed easier to operate 
and because she liked the pump rep better...yep, it almost came down to which 
rep we liked.  

We had "inservices" on both pumps.  There were things about both pumps that I 
liked. It was a tough decision because both pumps are very good.  I had 
received advice on this list before about it possibly coming down to the 
rep...I didn't think it would go that far, but it sorta did.  Both reps were 
fine, but my daughter felt more comfortable with the D rep.  I don't know if 
it is an easier pump to operate, or if the D rep explained things better, but 
my daughter walked away understaning the operations of that pump better.  

Also, when setting up the "teaches", our Disetronic rep got back to us right 
away. With MM, the rep in our area took over a week to return our phone call. 
 I took this into consideration also because I thought..."hmmm, what if there 
is a problem and I need my reps help or input".

After one week, I think she could bolus in her sleep.  The first day or two 
she was a little nervous, but not now.  She has been swimming and showering 
with and without the pump. We have spent a day at the Ocean and just 
disconnected and ran into the waves, then reconnected when done. We have had 
cheesecake and milkshakes and icecream...which I know can be done with either 
pump, I just wanted to include it because it was so awesome.

My advice, is to meet with both reps, play with both pumps, find out if your 
insurance covers one or the other (some  only cover one pump....we were 
lucky, they did not cover the D in any particpating, local "medical" places, 
but D got everything set-up and approved and delivered in just 3 weeks...and 
insurance companies can be slow at doing anything new) you may not have a 

Trust me, after being on this list, there are alot of people out there who 
LOVE their pumps. I can understand why. But some of us are very outspoken 
about one brand or the other.  Really both are great pumps, both will get the 
job done and everyone is different about why they love their specific pump. 
Check them out and meet your reps.  Then, just do it...and enjoy the Oreo's 
that everyone on here seems to love to talk about...

Mom to Rachel...pumping happily for one week
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