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Re: [IP] Anika has twins!


Okay, you REALLY had me going there LOL.  At first I thought perhaps you
were a masochist, allowing a medical team to allow you to go 34 days in
labour, but figured with twins, heck, they were probably trying to stop
the labour and were obviously successful if they kept you going for 34
more days.

Then, they were blue....still believable because I was a blue baby.  But
the weight...now I was starting to get it.  Thanks for the laugh...and
congratulations on your 'male' twins :)

I am still suffering from vacation brain...slow on the uptake.  Enjoy
your babies they are life altering.  We only had one, took a YEAR of
HARD labour, also a blue baby, and although she has to be set on the
straight and narrow sometimes, she is certainly a joy to have around the
house. She is particularly close to my youngest daughter Erica who is
11.  Erica really knows how to press her bottons!!

Barb....Erica's mom

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