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At 06:49 PM 7/28/1999  Mark Harding wrote:
>I am strongly considering the pump.  Do you like the minimed?  How long
>is it allowed to be disconnected?  When you disconnect, do you have a
>hole in your skin where you connect to?  If so, do you cover it

How long you can be disconnected will vary from person to person and will 
depend on factors such as how low you are and what activities you are 
engaged in. As an example, unhooking for a shower or swimming is pretty 
common. For the most part, however, you want to be connected all the time 
because your body needs the background insulin flow 24 hours a day.

Many of the infusion sets have quick-disconnects. I use one called the 
Silhouette (also known as the Tender) which has a disconnect button right 
where the infusion set is taped to the skin. The button stays put and 
doesn't need to be capped. When you change sets, all you usually see is a 
little tiny bump, that normally heals pretty quickly. The cannula portion 
of the set which goes under the skin, is extremely small. Not much larger 
than the needle that's used to insert it.

If you contact either of the two pump companies you can get videos and all 
sorts of promotional literature. A sales rep will probably be able to show 
you what a pump and an infusion set looks like.


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