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[IP] who should represent diabetes


If memory serves me, it was a kidney transplant.  The story goes on to
portray the central character, played by Julia Roberts, gettint pregnant
against  the wishes of her family/doctors.  One day, after having the
baby, she is just walking through the house - she grasps her side, falls
to the floor.  The next scene, she is on a respirator.  I'm sorry but
this is just a little too much cut to the chase.  I have had three
kidney tranpslants and have never gone into rejection (nor do I know of
anyone who has) in the form of an attack.  So in addition to offending
my sensibilites as a diabetic, it flies in the face of all I know about
transplantation.  I ended up screaming at the screen - "where's the
dialysis? - why isn't she being considered for another transplant?"  If
this movie is even mentioned at transplant clinic, it sends the nurses
and docs into a tailspin! It's such a terrible portrayal!  Maybe it is a
true story - but they sure did leave a lot out in the interest of drama.

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