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Wayne wrote:

> I'm not sure if I should say thank you or not.  It scares me sometimes 
> to think that we may be on the same side!!! 

ROTFLMAO..  yes we are on the same side...in general...I think...my post was  
meant in your's and John's defense, since your scientific ramblings ARE of 
interest and use to those of use who delve past the top layer of 
indecipherable words.  Sadly, my innate need to man-bash somehow reared its 
ugly head, as usual...

> Just imagine the kind of havoc we could wreak if we did go 
> after those sex sites :-).

I "shudder" to think what kind of a site the two of you would concoct - 
surely something involving lots of the extra tubings we all have laying 
around, and then maybe even 101 kinky uses for EMLA cream.

> Anyway, I'm delighted that I've finally at long last found a way to 
> make a woman enjoy herself

yeah yeah - a man learns something new every day...then he forgets it 


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