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Jen wrote:

> [your post] cracked me up!  I wrote these kinds of comments 
> when I was keeping paper records for the DCCT.  I'd also note when 
> I had sex (hey, it's exercise!) with some appropriate (or inappropriate) 
> comment.  Fortunately, my CDE has a good sense of humor, and as 
> hard as she works, she needs the laughs!

Glad I could cause a giggle, but it is true. We are human, not robots.  We 
eat so-called "bad" foods, we have sex (if we are lucky), we have days we 
don't test and days we test 18 times.  that is why logs can be a  useful 
tool.  They can help us, and the medical professional who really takes the 
time to look at them.  I have learned from logging when I eat ice cream, HOW 
to do it and never have my blood sugar go beyond 150-160!  

After the gym last night I was 98...I ate my dinner (pasta with ragu- 42 CHO) 
and bolused 2.5 for it (1:17 is my ratio).  2 hours later, bg was 148, but I 
knew I had a little R still in me since I use Velsulin.  About half an hour 
before bed, I had 1/2 cup of Haagen Daaz Mocha Chip (~35 cho, but 
TWENTY-EIGHT grams of fat!!!).  I bolused 1.2 units for 1/2 of the carbs and 
put in a temp basal of 2.0 for 2 hours.  I was 107 when I closed my eyes at 
12:30 , at 5 am I was 128 and woke up at 9 to 79...if anything, I need to 
adjust that 4am-8am basal!!!  whooo hoooo!

Sara (who is gonna eat the rest of the carton tonight, I can feel it in my 
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