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[IP] french pastries

Dianne wrote:

> Last time I was staying in Paris for a few months....

jealousy rears its ugly green-eyed head....

> ....I had so much trouble bypassing the ubiquitous pastry shops, I was 
> glad to come home and give my BG a rest!

nahhh - you just have to keep practicing and figure out how much insulin you 
need to compensate for a brioche (kind of a plainish roll)  Once you maser 
that, you move on to the more difficult challenge  of a butter laden 
croissant, and from there, the world is your oyster, so to speak...and lets 
not forget mille feuille, operas and the indefatiguable creme caramet with 
that sugary crusty top....mmmmmmMMMMMm.  Oh the pumping education I could 
have gleaned in "months" of respite in France...

> discover yet another talent of Sara's. [Sara that's to make up for my 
> devilishly 'Oreo oriented' comments in an earlier post!])  

no worries...I took it as a compliment..I will forever be remembered as the 
oreo lady - could be worse...could be the carrot girl - how boring would that 

> you'll be happy to know it didn't stop me from trying. "C'est!" I'd 
> say, pointing at a nice little tart.  And they sold it to me too!

silly girl...next time just say "je voudrais celui-la, s'il vous plait...non, 
l'une a cote, avec le chocolate"...heh heh }-]

keep on pumping!!

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