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I've been a diabetic almost 30 years and started the minimed 507c in
June.  Bottom line: get a pump.  Pros: Eat when you want,  one shot
every 3 to 7 days (swimming in the ocean loosens the tape that holds it
on), eat what you want (beers, wine are hard to gauge, but compensating
for a high sugar is just a matter of checking your BG and adding some
insulin via the little machine.  Cons: hooked up to a machine, they have
special sleep shirts with pockets so you can roll around all you want. I
sleep nude and as time goes on I notice it less and less. I disconnect
for showering. Counting carbs was what concerned me about pumping before
I got the pump, but not too hard, carry a book with carbo values of
foods when you go away and look up the food and then select appropriate
bolus of insulin.

Go for it!!
Peter Cancellier

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