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[IP] New Pumper!!!!

Hello all,
I am back home now (Del Rio) and am wearing my new Disetronic H-Tron Plus
Pump!  Here is some background info for those of you who dont know me. I am
in the Air Force, diagnosed type 2 in 96, found out in Mar 99 was really
type 1 after going DKA.  My Endo (wonderful guy) suggested the pump, and I
was hook.  Waited 5 weeks to the day to get the pump--the military had to
figure out how and who would pay for it.  Now, this brings you up to date:

Yesterday I had a 4 hour training session with the pump rep, he made it fun,
though I was nervous inserting in front everyone.  They set the basal and
off I went to my room for the night.  I started at 4:30pm with bg of 83, at
6:30pm I was at 170. I was high until they allowed me to bolus, then I went
down to 55 a couple of time during the night.  I chk bgs every two hours.
All day today things seem to be going well nothing over 122 and that was two
hr after lunch. I wont begin to tell you all my thoughts last night and
today-ranging from excited to scared- you get the picture.
Something that does concern me- my Endo said that if I move away from this
TriCare region it will be up to that new Endo, or Dr if they dont have an
Endo, to allow me to stay on the pump.  I was not please with that bit of
news.  But he did say that he can work something out with the new Endo
before I would leave.  That is good-- I would hate to have to stop using the
pump for my sake and also for just plain common sense-- the Military just
spent over $6500 on me and this pump, what would they do just throw it away
because some Dr. Overseas doesn't know about the pump...

Ok.. Ok.. enough of me on the soap box.  I am very happy with my pump.
Thank you for your caring support.

God Bless
Bill Bartram

"You will never possess what you are unwilling to pursue"
Entrepreneur: email @ redacted
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