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Atttn: Tracy Hatcher !!!

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This won't exactly help your immeidate situation but may help out in the 
future-YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  I have had trouble from the get go with my 
insurance company.  I finally heard (from a relative) undergoing cancer 
treatment that if you ask for a case worker to be assigned to you   things 
will go much better.  I did just that!  Since that time getting the right 
answers and claims expidited has been great.  I'm sure I ticked off the 
insurance company being so persistent but what did I have to loose.  When 
trying to get authorization for my pump they stated I would have to pay $2000 
out of pocket and 10% after that.  I called myself and my case worker did 
some research and came back stating that insurance would pay 100% up to $5000 
annually.  BIG DIFFERENCE!!  No out of pocket expenses!!  My pump should 
arrive within the next few weeks if all goes well.

I hope this has helped in some way.  Let me know how your doing since going 
on the MM.  What infusion set and length are you currently using.  I need to 
make my mind up on that soon.


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