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RE: [IP] Type II's on pump

I have been on Pump therapy since December 18, 1998 (I don't know how I
remember that date so precisely).  I have just gotten really good control in
the last 2-3 months.  I am a young type II (30).  My brother is also type II
and diagnosed at 26 (I was 28).  He is also on the pump.  I am sure the only
way I got my pump covered is that I am planning to get pregnant.  I can
respond either privately or publicly if you have any questions.  I love it
... and I swore it was a "sacrifice" I was making to have a healthy baby
(before I started).  Good luck!
Ellen Compell (Age 30)
Type II, Pumping since Dec. 1998
MiniMed 507C
email @ redacted <mailto:email @ redacted> 

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Subject: [IP] Type II's on pump

My doctor says it is time to consider an insulin pump to address my Type II
condition.  I am with Kaiser Hawaii and they have not provided insurance
coverage for insulin pumps.  My doctor wants to pursue insurance coverage
from Kaiser Hawaii.  Any input from Type II's that will support the proposal
we are preparing is welcomed.  It will be an uphill battle as Kaiser endo's
are not sold that pumps will benefit Type II's. 

Thank you  -  Gordon:    email @ redacted 


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