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[IP] Change of sites,change of rates/ratios = incredible #'s

Hi everyone,

We had some trouble this summer, off and on, when we decided to use
Erica's back as an infusion site.  Because she is so slim, we don't have
a whole lot of flesh to use and like to give her sites lots of time to
heal between usage.  Anyway, the back didn't work very well, we were
seeing high readings all the time and usually took them out after a day
of chasing high blood sugars. The bummer was, everytime we took them out
they looked beautiful, no crimps, no redness at site....SO

Put a back site in yesterday am and started to see sugars rise.  I
decided that since I was home and she would be with me all day/night I
was going to experiment.  I upped her basals, in some cases as much as
.3 an hour, increased her carb ratio so she was getting more insulin for
meals ( I used the increased sugars as a guide)  and although these
numbers are lower than I am very comfortable with as a daily average (I
am going to decrease the insulin for meals today), they blew me away.
So, I guess this proves that basals and boluses have to change for some
people depending on where that lovely cannula is being placed..

Here were the sugars after the increased basal and bolus rates,  over a
24 hour period.  Regular day, nothing out of the ordinary.
That was definitely the most undiabetic day Erica has ever had!!
So, it goes to show that with a little perserverance, problem solving,
and plain chance :), wonderous things can and do happen on the pump.
Don't just plug it in and let it go.  In Erica's case, and I am sure a
lot of people are the same way, basals and boluses will have to be
readjusted to suit the area of the body you are using.  I knew this, but
was tentative to make a big change, especially before she goes to D camp
on Sunday.   I am glad I went ahead and did it though.

Just wanted to brag a little LOL!!

Barb....Erica's mom
ps   I have received so many private e'mails from moms wondering about
their kids going on the pump. It is exciting to see the increased
presence in the pump for children.  My biggest piece of advice is learn,
learn, learn and learn again.  We are still learning 4+ months into it
and I am sure Erica will put us in the position to learn again!
Time for lunch!

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