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Hmmmm, Sara, I'm not sure if I should say thank you or not.  It scares me
sometimes to think that we may be on the same side!!! LOL.  Just imagine
the kind of havoc we could wreak if we did go after those sex sites :-).
Anyway, I'm delighted that I've finally at long last found a way to make a
woman enjoy herself

> Sorry...but I have to put my 2 cents in here!  I strongly recommend
> AGAINST anyone trying to give themselves Regular insulin by IV
> route at home!

<<<<<<<Hello...no one is suggesting this!!!  If you all have been reading
Wayne and
John's intellectual and scientific debate carefully, you woud realize they
are discussing THEORIES!!!  I seriously doubt if there are more than a
handful of people on the list dumb enough OR coordinated enough to actually
consider injecting insulin directly into a vein.  Wayne and John tend to get
on this very erudite, philosophical plane of "what if" that none of us need
to even pretend to understand.  Much of their information is useful, but you
just have to know when to start listening with a grain of salt in your ear.

The basic premise was that IF insulin was put directly into our veins, it
would ALL act like regular insulin - and as I understand what they have very
confusingly tried to articulate is that it goes for ALL insulins, whether it
is NPH or Lente....so if it were possible to get the insulin directly into
the blood and bypass the liver, perhaps we could more accurately control

this is all the work of idle minds, mainly to keep these two science/physics
geeks out of trouble and away from the sex sites on the net, I would
imagine...I rather enjoy it, not from a scientific point of view, of course,
but merely as a woman who enjoys watching men try to out-think one another!

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