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Re: [IP] site change

email @ redacted wrote:
> Well, after less than one week on the pump, we had our first unscheduled site
> change. 


Our first week, we did a site change at 4:15 a.m. when our 3 a.m. bs was
high and remained there.    Probably wasn't the site, but it made me
feel better...

Steve went on his first "solo" outing today with friends - swimming all
day, pizza for lunch, disconnecting, reconnecting, bolusing, etc, etc -
managed exceptionally well without me :-)  I worried and kept checking
my pager all day for nothing.  Blood sugars stayed in great range,
infusion set stayed in place.  We LOVE his pump!

Mom of Steven, age 13
pumping since 7/6/99
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