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[IP] Nutri. 102- Fat into Glucose.

Hi Wayne-
I think you must have a devious mind as a researcher! Does your wife ever tell you to give it a rest?   If I ever come across any thing on the insulin needs of fat cells it'll probably be in an article you wrote!  I'm afraid the articles I read are much, much more pedestrian.

Stay tuned.

 ---- On Jul 27 email @ redacted wrote: 
> Dianne, what you say about conversion of fat to glucose is surely true, but
> there is another factor here about which I've not been able to find much
> information.  That is the insulin requirements of fat cells.  I think that
> the fat cells may use more insulin when they are chewing up a big fat load,
> and if so, then this would have the secondary effect of making the BG rise.
> I keep looking for info on this, but even my endo, who is a Hopkins
> professor can't find any relevant studies.  Maybe you have come across
> something?
> -wayne
> >in truth, only about 5% of the fat is converted to glucose.  So Chubby
> >Hubby, would definitely NOT do it by fat alone, although it certainly
> >would up the ante.  I'd check the protein content on it too. And the
> >carbs.  Basically this is where all that 'balanced diet' stuff comes in.
> >When diabetics started counting carbs I think it was expected that we, as
> >model non-Oreo-eating personalities  (sorry Sara I couldn't help myself),
> >would also be curtailing excess fats and proteins.  As usual, a little
> >knowledge is a dangerous thing.
> >
> >Dianne

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