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[IP] need some advice

i am new to pumping (one month)and have gained a lot of information from
all of you. There is so much to learn! I could use some help...yesterday
was the first day with  BG within target and I felt wonderful! This AM
woke up with BG 397! I did eat some ice cream last night and bolused
what I should have. Could the fat in the ice cream have slowed the
absorbtion down so much that I was that high in the AM? Should I have
used dual bolus? If so what percentage do you bolus with first? I'm sure
this is different for everyone and all foods, but what you all do?
My support here is minimal.....only 2 endos in the area and neither of
them like the pump.My Internal Med said she would learn with me and
getting alot of support from MM.
Any advice is appreciated. TIA, Laurie

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