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Well Susan, the only thing that I know is this: MY next roomie/girlfriend is 
going to be a Diabetic, Nurse, CDE, MD, or something close to all of those 
or I would rather be single the rest of my life. My daughter's mother, never 
in 10 years, tried to understand diabetes, always said I was making excuses 
and complained when I was acting irrational when I was having a severe low!

Maybe, I should start a Diabetic Love Site....LOL....we got plenty of 
regular sites the match people...why not one for diabetics?

It is a shame that some people just don't try to understand or respect our 
wishes/wants when it comes to our health. Diabetic or not!


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>Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 18:22:03 -0600
>I've gotta agree with this one... some people can be so un-???, I don't 
>know the word.  My current roomie's boyfriend and I traded words a few 
>ago... I believe we were in the middle of the desert in utah and he wanted
>me to finish his drink instead of opening a new one (diet, his was 
>Personally, I'd rather have diet - I have been diabetic and drinking it for
>17 years, don't care if I can bolus for it, I'd rather not deal with it.  
>got all upset and said, "LIVE A LITTLE!"  - AGH, live a little???  Here I
>was in the middle of the desert, camping, hiking - things I never could 
>done two years ago (due to allergies/asthma/recurrent infections that kept
>me on antibiotics for essentially two years straight) - doing hard hikes
>thanks to my pump - I was having the time of my life - I thought I was
>living!  He also can't stand that I won't order fattening foods/always eat
>healthy, or that I will eat an hour before we all go out (if I am low,
>low=food, so gee, what else am I to do?)... I pray my new roommate this 
>and I work out - this one is killing me!
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>Subject: Re: [IP] She survived camp...
>Gee Amy, is there any men in that house? If there is, I feel real SORRY for
>HIM!!! If there isn't any men in that house, then I am sure glad I don't
>live there!!! But, I do admit, would love to have a room mate who is
>diabetic... you know someone to talk with about it, someone who understands
>the things I go thru... it's really hard living with an
>non-sympathetic/non-caring person.
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