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[IP] Cracked Pump

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share my latest woes, and how it didn't turn out to be so
bad afterall.  Last month, I was changing my clothes and had my MM507 in
the pocket of my shorts.  I accidentally let the shorts fall to the floor
from about my knees.  Not a huge distance, but my pump must have landed
just right (or wrong) and it cracked on the upper right corner (on the
front) right where the luer neck comes out of the pump.  Things have been
working fine, no internal pump damage, but I began to worry that if the
crack spread, my reservoir would be loose or the door wouldn't close
correctly.  I had been postponing calling MM about it because I wasn't sure
it was covered under my warranty and I didn't want to incur a huge expense
with the pump still working.  But still, I was worried.

I finally called them yesterday afternoon, and at 9:00 this morning, Fed Ex
delivered a replacement (refurbished) pump for me.  I have to stick my own
pump in the box the new one was shipped in and put it in the postpaid
envelope they included and put it in my mailbox within the next week.  They
made it extremely easy for me.  I can either keep the replacement pump or
get mine back after it is fixed.  Mine was one of the earliest 507's they
made, so I may keep the refurb -- it looks newer.  The warranty will carry
over to the new pump.

One oddity, though.  When I called, they asked me what my latest bg reading
was!  I'm really puzzled by why they wanted that info.  I was too surprised
to ask them at the time, do any of you know?  Maybe they are just taking a

Mary Jean
MM 507 for 2 1/2 years 

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