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Re: [IP] Pump - how do you keep insulin cool

At 06:57 AM 7/27/99 , you wrote:
>How do you keep insulin in a pump cool.  I live in NY and the weather has 
>been in the 90s and high humidity.  My daughter will hopefully be going on 
>the pump this Sept/Oct.  Right now I keep a cool-pac in her insulin bag 
>when we go out to keep it cool.  How does this work with the pump?  Thank you.
>Laura Lentini-Iaffaldano

I live here in New Mexico and Commonly have the temp go over 100, and even 
over 110 and still have the pump in my pocket which i Bet can even get a 
little hotter.  I have not noticed any change in the insulin  so i would 
bet that it would not hurt yours.  but just incase keep your eyes on your BGS.

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