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Re: [IP] site change

Hi Saundra,

Those late night unscheduled site changes can be such a pain.  However,
I think it is the law that you are required to do them at 1am...LOL.  At
least that is what happens to us.

In the beginning we spent many more sleepless nights that we do now,
although there are still the odd nights that a site gives up a day
early, or I am resetting basal rates and need a good idea of where
sugars are throughout the night and day.   Just don't know why it
happens at bedtime though :-)  Perhaps it is 'pumpers law?'

Just keep at it, you'll get through it, and eventually is will be a
minor inconvenience as compared to the anxiety producing event it can be
early on.  I learned the hard way to give a needle to bring down the
sugars if they continue to climb and boluses don't help.  This has been
helpful at times when we were not in the position to give a site change
but didn't want to wait for the sugars to drop.  It feels good knowing
the sugars are going down.

All the best to you and your sleeping pumper....Erica can sleep through
just about everything...even a site change (almost)

Barb....Erica's mom

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