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[IP] lots of little things

1.  Thank you for the feedback on the children/parenting what not to say
document... I have made changes based on some of these comments... if you
feel the change isn't sufficient (some of them I still wasn't happy with),
feel free to advise or send me a rewrite of that section... maybe michael
can link it? (or put it on the ip server would be better)

2.  Diabetes is a game of guesses and I thank the Lord for watching over me
when I am too stupid to figure it out!!!
I was soooooo proud of myself last night -  I went on a fabulous date and
had a wonderful dinner and gave the old
dual wave a try.  AT about 3 hours after i was 132 and I thought wow, that's
cool and glanced at the last bolus
info to see what time I had given the dual/square wave at... and i hadn't...
meaning that I actually did fine with the
first bolus I gave before the main course (I must have forgotten the second
activate key - it was really loud so
I couldn't hear it)!  If I HAD given that 3.5 dual wave i would have
crashed!  Gotta love it - 
and thank the lord for holding my hand...

Lastly, I carry on many "private" conversations with many list members.
Just as an FYI  - 
as of 7/31 I will be offline for about
1.5 weeks as I drive/move from SLC, Utah to swing through my hometown in
Georgia for a day (gotta get
those doctor appts in!) and to swing through Hilton head, SC to pick up my
furniture in storage and to
move into a new apartment in Chapel Hill, NC.  Long drive with no email
access!  After this move the
address "email @ redacted" will be completely inaccessible... 

My new email address is email @ redacted please take note.  I'll be
around for another few days of
course, but that's just an explanation to why I am not answering email if
anyone is curious.


P.S.  WOOOOOHOOOO!  My sister starts pumping tomorrow!  Keep her in your
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