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[IP] Re: Frere Roy

Hello Dianne,

> Did you spend time in an English speaking country, or are you just one
> of those erudite monks whose knowledge knows few boundaries? 

English is my mother tongue - so no prizes :)

> I am glad things are going well for you on your pump, although getting
> your supplies sounds tricky at best.

I am not on a pump yet. I have to wait until September 1 before having 
the opportunity to convince an Endo, and probably a committee with not 
much money to spend, that it is the thing for me.

Each time I read the IP digest I get a new idea or a see something from 
a different angle. I'm busy taking notes so that my enthousiasm about 
wanting a pump will be backed up with facts and figures and the shared 
experiences of others.

> At any rate, I wanted to welcome you to our list!

Many thanks.
Best wishes,
Frere Roy

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