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Re: [IP] She survived camp...

Gee Amy, is there any men in that house? If there is, I feel real SORRY for 
HIM!!!  If there isn't any men in that house, then I am sure glad I don't 
live there!!! But, I do admit, would love to have a room mate who is 
diabetic... you know someone to talk with about it, someone who understands 
the things I go thru... it's really hard living with an 
non-sympathetic/non-caring person.


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>Subject: Re: [IP] She survived camp...
>Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 19:07:38 EDT
>Tizzy is also 12, will be 13 Friday.  she is not pumping yet, we take a
>class on Thursday,  Aren't hormones great???
>Hang in there, I have 4 children, all girls and they're all nuts, not just
>diabetic one.  We even only have female animals.  This house can be crazy 
>times.  Hormones so thick you can cut thru them.
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