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Re: [IP] Sorry & Update

Amy, there is some wipes that were given to me called, I think IV Prep, that 
is some sticky stuff, but when the MM trainer came by she has some stuff 
that had I think a blue strip and the ones that I got have purple. I am 
guessing at all this right now, since I am at work and not at home. I'm 
looking for the purple prep stuff made by the same manufactuer, who's name I 
also forgot. So has you can see I am shooting in the dark here! Sorry. But, 
hopefully you know what I am talking about, if not I can definetly find the 
answer for the prep pads that I would like to have, instead of the ones I 
got, because when I sweat, you can almost count on the tape coming loose, 
but I have learned a few new tricks, that seems to be working great! Let me 
know if you need a more direct answer...ie....brand name, box, etc., and I 
will try to look at it when I get home. Thanks Amy.

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>Todd, what kind of supplies do you need?  Maybe I can help
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