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Re: [IP] My Great DAY and sorry I am not sicker

Thanks so much - I was glad to read some of your experience thusfar.  I 
guess it hits close to home sine I was just put on ACE inhibitors last week. 
  It was actuallypretty ironic how I found out I had low kidney filtration.  
My husband and I have been discussing starting a family.  Appx 5 years ago I 
was told that I had advanced stages of retinopathy and until it stablized I 
should not consider having a child. Short of that I was in perfect health 
and had the go ahead once this eye issue stablizes. The really scarey part 
of this was I had just gone to the eye doctor only 3 months before this and 
was told that my eyes were showing only slight traces of diabetes in them 
and he was very happy with that since I had had diabetes for just over 18 
years at the time. Well the retinopathy has become stablized.  My husband 
and I decided a month ago that we wanted to start a family. We went to the 
endo  and my OB/GYN.  They decided that a 24 hour urine catch/creatine test 
needed to be done since the last one I had occurred about 15 months ago.  
Low and behold, our worst fears have become reality.  We have been strongly 
advised  to not have children since the effects of pregnancy could be 
devastating not only to my health but that of a child's as well.  I am 
devistated.  Not only can we no9t have children, but now I am faced with 
finding out what stages I am at with kidney disease.  I don't know, I have 
always been able to take things as they come with respect ot this disease 
and deal with them, but this has been more difficult.  I keep going back to 
my age and what should be!  I am 33 years old and should be looking forward 
to having children and concentrating on raising a family, like the rest of 
our friends.  I want to see what our child(ren) would be.  I do realize 
there are alternatives, however, when considering adoption - How will my 
health play into our chances of adopting a child?  Do you have any advise?  
Any help anyone could offer would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
Take care - Suzanne

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>Subject: [IP] My Great DAY and sorry I am not sicker
>Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 01:25:13 EDT
>Howdy Everyone!!
>After years of being D (32) and years of being on a pump (16) Today is the
>first day that I faxed my blood sugars to my doctor and he said yesterday I
>had a PERFECT day for blood sugars.  Man this feels good to not have them
>make an adjustment, talk to me about food and/or say that they were all 
>Maybe an old dog can master new tricks.  A word to the wise, all those 
>that are pregnant on the pump, after the baby is borne, don't ignore your
>health for the baby.  A healthy mom is what he/she would tell you if they
>could.  I learned the pump from a doctor that was very good at delivering
>healthy babies but I now feel that I was left out in the cold after the 
>were born.  I am not sure if I now blame myself, my doctors, or my health
>I now wish I could go back five to six years ago, get the education (with 
>open mind) that I have experienced in the last six months and maybe I would
>be a bit more relaxed with my health.  Since my youngest was born I have 
>to surgery four times for two carpal tunnels and three trigger finger
>releases, but until recently when I started to show protein in my urine, I
>thought I could handle anything.  I now know that I will need help along 
>Carb counting, Humalog, the new "square bolus," and ACE inhibitors were all
>foreign to me.  Have I come a long way?  The weirdest thing I have
>experienced is that the Ace inhibitor has made me so sun sensitive that 
>weekends ago on Saturday we had a yard sale and Sunday my oldest played two
>baseball games and at all times I had on sun screen.  Even at 9:30 AM.  I 
>sun poisoning.  Little tiny bumps everywhere on my arms.  Thank goodness I
>had on long pants.  Weird.
>I guess this message is so long because when I first joined this group and
>said I was terrified of the ACE inhibitors and I got a verbal lashing from
>someone who said a lot of other people on the list had more problems than I
>had.  To the person who said that, I did not and have not yet given you my
>life story so I feel that was unjustified.  I try to stay as positive as I
>can and at times I need someone to talk/chat to.  Anyone can e-mail me
>privately and I will respond as I can.  Oh by the way I am going on a 3 1/2
>hour trip tomorrow to visit my Mother who is dying of breast cancer that 
>settled in her liver.
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