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[IP] Who should represent diabetes


Your frustration brought to mind that I had the same feelings and level
of frustration when the movie "Steel Magnolias" portrayed an insulin
reaction as somewhere near a seizure. (Julia Roberts became a blithering
idiot in a matter of moments.) It then went on to totally misrepresent
transplantation.  I was offended by both portrayals and considered this
to just add to the stigma people with diabetes already have to deal
with.  Much like the woman you have described seems to be doing.  I
agree that showing things like this could scare the wits out of someone
newly dx'd and it's really a shame that it's being allowed to continue. 
Unfortunately, the media just wants a sensational story and of course
the film makers in the case of the movie wanted to "juice up" the
reality a little.  I'm afraid folks in the position of casting attention
on a prticular person or situation are insensitive and unaccountable. 
We need allies in the media who are willing to show both sides of having

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