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[IP] this wouldn't be encouraging to me

Sara says to Rachel, who's needing motivation but who has so far received
lots of scary talk, which Sara says wouldn't motivate HER. Instead Sara
says: "Do you wanna feel like crapola due to swinging blood sugars or do you
want to feel "normal?"  You will find that once your sugars are running more
or less on an even keel, you will feel more encouraged to do even

My own experience is that you don't REALIZE how bad you're feeling when
you're out of control until you're IN control again! My mother was captain
of my diabetes for the first 8 years, from age 10 to 18, then I went off to
college and tra la! Gay times! One shot in the morning, gave up urine
testing even....I pale to think of all I ate without a care or second

Then, at age 27, I got a scare: An opthalmologist told me I had the
beginnings of background retnopathy. It was a GOOD SCARE because the very
next day, in 1981, I saw a diabetologist who put me on MDI (very early for
that, it turns out) and told me if I didn't check my BGs 6 times a day he
wouldn't treat me. (My first BG monitor was the size of a brick.)

I thank God for that scare because it put me on track. That day I started on
MDI was the beginning of the rest of my life. SUDDENLY I realized how crappy
I'd been feeling! (I had thought that was just how everyone felt...) And,
the best news, I've had no sign of retinopathy since, after 35 years of Type

Now I'm pumping and feeling even better. (Again, I didn't think that was
possible.) Except for those pesky fats, which will be another posting....

Rachel, you can do it! You can and will feel better!


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