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[IP] cards to camp

<<Hey Amy, why don't you give us your address at camp.  Would love to send 
a card.  Lots of luck>>

This is a great idea, but the camp ends on Saturday. Get the cards in the 
mail today. The address is Camp Kno-Koma at Camp Caesar, Cowen, WV. I do not 
have the zip code handy, but I suppose they can be accessed somewhere, such 
as a post office. Amy won't be reading this email since I doubt she has 
access to a computer. One idea....if email @ redacted took her laptop to camp, 
then you might e-mail her for the zip, or send a messafe to Amy. Three 
pumpers on the list are at that camp....Kystan, Amy, and Kevin.
Barbara B. 
(former camp director and former Pres. of the board)
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