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[IP] site change

Well, after less than one week on the pump, we had our first unscheduled site 
change. Thanks to all in this group, I knew to look for bubbles, kinks, 
leakage, the phase of the moon(lol) and anything else I could to figure out 
why at 1am my daughter's bg shot up from 120 to  240 in just 2 hours. I gave 
a small bolus to no avail...checked in another hour and went up to 317.  So, 
we changed the site and gave another small bolus.  It has been 1 hour and so 
far we've come down 45. I plan to check again in about 40 minutes to see 
where we are and if we're still above 200 we'll decide whether to do one more 
small bolus.

We had changed the site around noon today, and everything during the day went 
very well.  Oh well...happy sleeping everyone...<yawn>.

Mom to Rachel...sleeping peacefully and pumping since last week.
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