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Re: [IP] this wouldnt be encouraging to me

Sara wrote:

> Hearing about this and seeing pictures of amputated limbs did not MOTIVATE me
> to be happy and encouraged about how great my life "could" be...it dragged me
> further down!!!

Here Here!  I spent time with poor control at the same time a friend
started dialysis
(non dm-reasons) so I knew why I didn't want to end up in renal failure.

> Rachel - the motivation you need is the thought, the PROMISE of how much
> better you will "Feel" overall when your blood sugars are more in control!!!

This is exactly my motivation.  I feel great when bgs are good, lousy
when they aren't and that is better motivation that what might happen
years down the line even if I do have great bg control.  The occasional
bad day is certainly a good reminder of how much better I feel with good


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