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[IP] My Great DAY and sorry I am not sicker

Howdy Everyone!!

After years of being D (32) and years of being on a pump (16) Today is the 
first day that I faxed my blood sugars to my doctor and he said yesterday I 
had a PERFECT day for blood sugars.  Man this feels good to not have them 
make an adjustment, talk to me about food and/or say that they were all right.

Maybe an old dog can master new tricks.  A word to the wise, all those women 
that are pregnant on the pump, after the baby is borne, don't ignore your 
health for the baby.  A healthy mom is what he/she would tell you if they 
could.  I learned the pump from a doctor that was very good at delivering 
healthy babies but I now feel that I was left out in the cold after the kids 
were born.  I am not sure if I now blame myself, my doctors, or my health 

I now wish I could go back five to six years ago, get the education (with an 
open mind) that I have experienced in the last six months and maybe I would 
be a bit more relaxed with my health.  Since my youngest was born I have been 
to surgery four times for two carpal tunnels and three trigger finger 
releases, but until recently when I started to show protein in my urine, I 
thought I could handle anything.  I now know that I will need help along the 

Carb counting, Humalog, the new "square bolus," and ACE inhibitors were all 
foreign to me.  Have I come a long way?  The weirdest thing I have 
experienced is that the Ace inhibitor has made me so sun sensitive that three 
weekends ago on Saturday we had a yard sale and Sunday my oldest played two 
baseball games and at all times I had on sun screen.  Even at 9:30 AM.  I got 
sun poisoning.  Little tiny bumps everywhere on my arms.  Thank goodness I 
had on long pants.  Weird.

I guess this message is so long because when I first joined this group and 
said I was terrified of the ACE inhibitors and I got a verbal lashing from 
someone who said a lot of other people on the list had more problems than I 
had.  To the person who said that, I did not and have not yet given you my 
life story so I feel that was unjustified.  I try to stay as positive as I 
can and at times I need someone to talk/chat to.  Anyone can e-mail me 
privately and I will respond as I can.  Oh by the way I am going on a 3 1/2 
hour trip tomorrow to visit my Mother who is dying of breast cancer that has 
settled in her liver.  

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