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Subject: [IP] Carb-to-Insulin ratio

Honey -
One of my biggest frustrations getting my daughter going on the pump was
that I forgot to read that little line in Pumping Insulin!   Jenna uses a
1:9 ratio for school day breakfast, 1:12 for non-school day breakfast, 1:15
for most of the rest of the day, unless she's been exercising, then she uses
1:18 after exercise.  And for her recent sports camp, she used 1:15 for
breakfast, and 1:25 for the rest of the day, and still ended up on the low
side.  How's that for variety?  For us, it's not just fine tuning, it's what
it takes to approximate a child's (slightly larger) target range.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom

<<In Pumping Insulin, Walsh and Roberts make the point that "the ratio of
insulin to carbohydrate may vary slightly for different meals during the
day."  I don't remember this being discussed by anyone in this group
recently.  Do your mealtime boluses change from meal to meal depending on
amount of carbs you eat at a particular meal?  If so, does your
carb-to-insulin ratio vary much and when is yours highest and lowest?  Is
this technique for extreme fine-tuning or is it used by most pumpers?
in advance for your help!  Honey>>

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