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Re: [IP] Carb-to-Insulin ratio

Michael responded:

> > In Pumping Insulin, Walsh and Roberts make the point that "the ratio
> > of insulin to carbohydrate may vary slightly for different meals
> > during the day."  I don't remember this being discussed by anyone in
> > this group recently.  Do your mealtime boluses change from meal to
> > meal depending on the amount of carbs you eat at a particular meal?
>Lots of people say that their ratio varies from meal to meal. I've
>always made a strong argument that it does not based on two reasons.
>The math that relates bg/carb insulin/carb bg/insulin simply forbids
>any variation and there is usually a darn good reason for the
>variation when you examine the details.  i.e. current thread about
>the "morning high" that is not dawn effect related.
>You'll get a lot of argument about this, but I'll stick to my guns
>because of the strict relationship imposed by the equations governing
>the ratios. There is a HOWTO that details the relationships and an
>on-line tool to check the matching of all the ratios on the HOWTO
>page of the web site titled:
>HOWTO check your RATIOS

Oh, well, so much for that "YMMV", eh?

And I'll contend that "theories / phenomena / etc." need to be put to the 
double blind test before I'll bite. Even at that, I'll contend that my 
"flavor" of diabetes is different than my neighbor's and probably always 
will be. My diabetes has always looked "logic" and "math" in the face and 
laughed heartily <vbg>

As for bg/carb insulin/carb bg/insulin ratios "forbidding" anything, or 
"dictating" anything, that's the "magic" formula they're looking for to 
close the loop. I bet they never realized it was this simple <vbg>

Every doc I've ever worked with has expressed the feeling that they wished 
it was all easily pigeon holed and relegated to categories. "If A happens, 
do B". Ahh, if it were that simple :-)

I don't argue the basic fact that there are variables that come into play 
here, but variables are just that - variables. For me, life is one of the 
biggest - every day is slightly different. Even if I do exactly the same 
things, eat the same food, sleep the same hours, I'm another day older (not 
necessarily wiser).

It's an interesting experiment, but let's remember it's just that.

Bob Burnett

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