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[IP] Re: Sports Guard

> I have been on the MiniMed 507C pump for 3 months.  I was just wandering if
> anyone used the sports guard for swimming or other water sports?  If so was
> it safe?

I bought the Sports Guard for camping and heading to Disney last year. I
figured that if I'm going to Florida in December - I'm going swimming. I
spent an entire, very active day at a water park without a single drop of
water entering the case. I've gone swimming and played in water parks with
no problems at all. I also use it while canoeing. It's also handy to use
when you want to sit in a hot tub for a bit. The pump sat in the Sports
Guard on the side of the tub with me in the tub. That way the pump didn't
cook and I didn't have to worry about splashes.

The case takes a bit of work getting used to and you should keep a small
tube of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) around to keep the seal tight. I haven't
had to reapply any jelly to the cap yet and I've used it a number of times.
I highly recommend it.

Dave Zakary

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