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Re: [IP] Carb-to-Insulin ratio

> In Pumping Insulin, Walsh and Roberts make the point that "the ratio
> of insulin to carbohydrate may vary slightly for different meals
> during the day."  I don't remember this being discussed by anyone in
> this group recently.  Do your mealtime boluses change from meal to
> meal depending on the amount of carbs you eat at a particular meal? 

Lots of people say that their ratio varies from meal to meal. I've 
always made a strong argument that it does not based on two reasons.

The math that relates bg/carb insulin/carb bg/insulin simply forbids 
any variation and there is usually a darn good reason for the 
variation when you examine the details.  i.e. current thread about 
the "morning high" that is not dawn effect related.

You'll get a lot of argument about this, but I'll stick to my guns 
because of the strict relationship imposed by the equations governing 
the ratios. There is a HOWTO that details the relationships and an 
on-line tool to check the matching of all the ratios on the HOWTO 
page of the web site titled:

HOWTO check your RATIOS 

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