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Re: [IP] Docs for no pumps

In a message dated 7/25/99 3:28:24 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< No, I did not miss the point. There is another point which the doctor 
 has missed entirely. Specifically, the reason for the poor control in 
 the first place. >>

I agree with you completely Michael.  Many doctors have certain criteria and 
that's fine, but sometimes this criteria is incorrect.  I wish I had had a 
pump when I was a teenager.  I definitely would not have fit ANY criteria 
because I was one angry teen.  Unable to control the disease, I quit trying.  
I have had IDD for 39 years and I like being in control.  I reacted just like 
Lily with the pump.  I felt so much better pumping, I was inspired to do even 
better with my overall care.  I think this could work with people in poor 
control.  I changed from feeling like "a victim" to feeling "in charge."  It 
is a very liberating experience.  I do not think pumping is for everyone, but 
I don't think anyone who desires it should be denied the opportunity.  ellen 
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