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[IP] non D camp

Jane wrote:

> I also survived GS (girl scout) camp, and it was one of the best thiings 
> I ever did - but then I became diabetic, and they wouldn't let me be a 
> counselor.  

I also did GS camp - in fact it was at the physical for my first camping 
experience that I found out I had diabetes...2 months later, mom sent me away 
for 2 weeks in the mountains of Colorado, and I survived - had a crying fit 
when they scraped the frosting off the cake they had made for me in the Dutch 
oven, but survived...I was only on one shot of NPH a day then...I didn't do 
my own injections and had to go to the nurse every morning, which limited me 
on participating on the over nights.  The next year, I was up to 2 shots a 
day, and it was a counselor there who encouraged me to do my own shots so I 
could go on the over nights.  I attended the same camp 4 years in a row..and 
then went back at age 18 as a counselor.  The only thing I did not 
participate in the last 2 years were the hikes, which made me crash, and 
being the uneducated twit I was, I did not know  how to adjust for it.  On 
hte other hand, I hated hiking anyway and so I didn't mind!

Maybe it is the girl scout principles at work, or maybe I just got lucky, but 
I really learned alot, and was GLAD to have had the opportunity to go to 
NORMAL camp, and make NORMAL friends. Perhaps going to D camp would have been 
better for me at the time,  and I would have learned sooner how to adjust for 
yucky things like hikes, but in the long run, the self-sufficiency I learned, 
and the ability to thrive as the "defective" in a group of "normal" people 
served me well then and now.  

Of course, now I love hiking...I can do it and not run out of energy and have 
to pee voraciously cuz I am high and not crash midway through cuz I am low!

Love my Pump

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