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Re: [IP] Who should represent diabetes?

 we all suffer in our own way. we as diabetics have to speak out as one. we 
don't need the pity of others we need their help and support. those who say 
we don't look sick should spend a day in our place. as a nurse, i have seen 
diabetics come and go. most of them didn't even understand what they had let 
alone take proper care of themselves. since being diagnosed in 93. i have 
found many support groups and only one diabetes foundation. support is good 
but more help would be better. heck social security doesn't even recognize 
diabetes.  well you got me typing away again. it just makes me mad that there 
are so many people out there who have no idea how to help themselves. and 
that the support that other diseases get and this one kills more people than 
them all. we enough for now. hope i didn't bore you with my tantrum.
p.s. if you wish you may private email to my other screen name 
email @ redacted
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