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Re: [IP] My Pump Arrives Tomorrow

D & D Clarke wrote:
> I am confused about how it will help to eliminate lows.  Right now if I take
> enough insulin to have a BS of 150 after a meal I am certain to crash within
> the next hour if I don't have a snack.  I would love to stop snacking so
> much so I could lose a few pounds but haven't been able to with injections.
> How will a pump help this situation? 

It's all in the timing. When you take a shot before eating you are trying to
make it last until the next meal. In order to have enough there you 
overbalance one end of the equation at one end or the other, early 
or late as the case may be. With a pump you can set a steady basal 
rate that doesn't NEED food to counterbalance it, then take a bolus 
tailored to each meal WHENEVER you want to eat it. No schedules, more 
freedom, better control, and you will only need to eat to correct for 
mistakes, NOT every day.

 Why would it prevent lows after meals
> when injections don't?  

Taking exactly enough for a meal and then carrying on to the next meal with
basal rates that fit gets rid of the variations. Also, if things change you
can reprogram the pump temporarily or long term, depending on the situation.

Could the NPH really be causing the lows and the
> elimination of it solves the problem? 

Mostly. Control of the Hmalog or Regular taken before meals is also improved.

 Sounds too good to be true. 

But it IS true, at least once you find the right pattern for YOUR needs and
follow it, testing often to verify.

Ted Quick
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