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[IP] danger? - nahhhh

Susan wrote:

> for many of us simply "counting carbs'' isn't enough! The other night 
> I had a fish fry, plus later some....ice cream...was fine going to bed 
> 4 hours later )113...but 395 next morning!   [SNIP] just for me, high 
> fat stuff is DANGER, since there's no way to cover it. This has 
> happened routinely w/high-fat meals-- many hours pass before the spike.
> ...the question of cake/brownies/etc, counting their carbs still
> doesn't make them seem "safe'' enough to me.

Wel,, I think there IS a way to cover for it - as with anything new, it just 
takes some trial and error, and especially since every body is different.  As 
long as you KNOW the fat is gonna spike you later, and we all KNOW that it 
will, we can plan for it!  Each person has to figure out their own  "when" 
and the "how high"!  

When I eat Ben and Jerrys,  I know I will be fine 2-4 hours later, but I HAVE 
to program in a 5-hour temporary basal about 3 hours after eating it, or I 
will be high 8-10 hours after eating it.  For example, I will bolus 3 - 5 
units for a 1/2 cup serviing of B&J (which is for about 2/3 of the CHO 
depending on if it is merely a smooth one like White Russian, or a chocolate 
chunk and marshmallow creme filled one, like Pfish food), then about 2 hours 
later, I will set a temp basal rate of 2.0 for the next 4-5 hours...and MOST 
of the time, I will end up in range!  My CDE laughs, cuz I write "ICE CREAM 
IS GOOD FOR ME" in my log, along the nice smooth, spike-free line I am 
capable of obtaining (of course I also write &*!!&(*&$%^%@#^# along the bumpy 
roller coaster-like line I get when I miscalculate or forgot to check my 
reservoir for insulin before I set that temp basal and headed to bed.....) 
but it is is give and take.

In the name of good science, I tend to try and disprove my own hypotheses 
regularly - at least once a month - though in honestly since I have been 
trying to lose weight, my interest in the science bit has worn off in favor 
of non fat, sugar free dreyers, which is, in itself, a challenge to bolus for.

You can make ANY food "safe" if you experiment enough with it.  Trial and 
error is the name of the game.  All things being equal (ie insulin or site 
not going bad, no PMS, no air bubbles etc), with enough trial, you will be 
able to find out what is right for you no matter what you eat!  Order dominos 
every other night for two weeks and very carefully log your boluses and 
basals....betcha you figure out how to accommodate for it!  and if not, then 
at least you will be over your pizza cravings for the next nine years.

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