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Re: [IP] I found out I am Pregnant today!

April, sweetheart...  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

I'm pretty new to this diabetes stuff, but an old hand at pregnancy.  You are 
about to embark on the most wonderful ride of your life.  Erma Bombeck once 
said that having a baby is your only chance in life to assist God in creating 
a miracle.  Savor it honey.  Go to a good Dr.  One that specializes in 
diabetes management.  Probably considered a high risk pregnancy.  That's OK 
baby.  Put your trust in God.  He wants you to have a baby.  How 
wonderful!!!!  Keep us posted.  I will keep you in my prayers and put you on 
the prayer chain at our church.  And let me tell you sweetie, that prayer 
chain works miracles.!!

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