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Sorry...but I have to put my 2 cents in here!  I strongly recommend 
AGAINST anyone trying to give themselves Regular insulin by IV 
route at home!  It is so danagerous to do this.  Regular insulin 
when given into the vein is so much stronger than when given by 
subcutaneous route...there is no way for you to know how much 
you would need to give yourself IV!  ....and it will drop your 
bloodsugar INCREDIBLY fast.  This should only be done in the 
hospital setting.  When given IV..the dose could be as small as 1 
or even 2 units IV over an HOUR...not a bolus dose just shot into 
the vein!  I strongly advise against anyone doing a "test dose" in 
this fashion...you just don't know what you are messing with!  I am 
a nurse and I am very familiar with patients on insulin drips and this 
is very potent stuff...please don't try this at home.  With IV insulin 
you don't get the gradual decline in blood sugar levels...you get an 
immediate drop and if you give yourself too much....you don't have 
the luxury of time to correct the situation by stuffing yourself with 
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