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Re: Re: [IP] Love that 'Dual Wave' Minimed 507C


With the Minimed 507C (I don't know if it is available on the 507 or
506) you are able to deliver the insulin in a few ways.  You can have
immediate infusion, which just delivers the amount you want to cover
your meal and it is done in 1/10 increments very quickly.  Another way
to deliver insulin is in the Square Wave, which allows you to deliver
the insulin you require to cover your food over a longer period of
time.  Say, for example, your meal is 120 grams of carb and your bolus
for that would be 6 units.  From the bolus screen, you choose Square
Wave, put in the amount of time you want the insulin to be delivered
over, and then the amount of insulin you want delivered.  So, if you had
eaten a food high in protein and fats like pizza which usually takes
longer to digest, you might want your insulin dose delivered over an
hour.  In that case, you would end up getting 6 units of insulin, in
1/10 increments spread over the hour.
The Dual wave has an added feature.  Erica was eating a meal with some
simple sugars in it, plus some starchy foods and lots of protein/fatty
foods.  The dual wave allows you to deliver an amount of insulin
immediately, then the remainder over whatever time you choose.  She had
a meal of 25 carbs, we bolused her for 10 carbs immediately, and for the
other 15 spread over 2+ hours.  It worked great, might have been pure
luck because it was the first time we used it, but I plan on using it
for those high protein meals.

If you want to add Square Wave and Dual Wave boluses to your bolus
screen, you have to do so from the set up options, it is explained in
the book.  Now, whenever we go to bolus, we have to confirm whether it
is N (for normal bolus), or scroll up for Square Wave or Dual Wave.

Jeez, hope I explained that right.....my supper is on the table but I
wanted to get this out!!

Hope that helped :-)

Barb....Erica's mom

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