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[IP] recordkeeping

Just have to comment on all the hoo-hah about recordkeeping. . .
Keeping records just because you're "supposed to" is a waste of time!  Recordkeeping is a TOOL for tracking trends by which to make changes in treatment.  Period.  I think it is very helpful in the beginning and when you are making changes in treatment.  After that, if it works for you, you should use it.  If it doesn't, you shouldn't.  And your doctor shouldn't
make you, unless she/he has a specific goal and has discussed it with you.  As a teacher, I'd suggest presenting it to children the same way, as a TOOL that can sometimes help them.  I would suggest NOT presenting it as a chore or a requirement.  We all hate things we feel we're being made to do.  Insulin and food are not negotiable, but recordkeeping is.

who kept meticulous (some would say anal. . .) records for years, then realized there was no need to continue and let technology and experience fill the gap

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