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[IP] this wouldnt be encouraging to me

Rachel Bredeson wrote:
> I haven't been in control for many years, and have tried different 
> things, but need motivation to keep going with the treatment. 

to which email @ redacted responded:
> Motivation? Amputation, Kidney failure, blindness, circulation problems,
> heart disease...Please take care of yourself!  Your life depends on it.

These are very nearly the exact words that turned me AGAINST my diabetes when 
I was in my early teens...the THREATS by doctors and medical professionals 
about what "might" happen if I DID NOT behave.  Negative reinforcement from 
persons in authority i.e.. the "threat" of what will happen if you are BAD, 
does not encourage young people - nor does it encourage me as an adult.  
Hearing about this and seeing pictures of amputated limbs did not MOTIVATE me 
to be happy and encouraged about how great my life "could" be...it dragged me 
further down!!!  And the fact that even the most IN-control diabetics CAN 
develop complications is not encouraging!!  Rather, how about offering some 
positive reinforcement - some encouragement - to get, and stay, on track??  

Rachel - the motivation you need is the thought, the PROMISE of how much 
better you will "Feel" overall when your blood sugars are more in control!!!  
The ability to go out with friends after football games and get pizza...the 
ability to go on overnights and not worry about whether there will be any 
healthy food....the freedom to eat, or not eat, to sleep in or stay up all 
night!!!  No one can promise you that you will never have 
complications...only the lucky few with the right genes escape this disease 
unscathed, but you CAN live a happy, normal, Oreo-filled life.

Now, if this was Rachel's MOM writing in on how to help her daughter, I'd 
encourage mom to set and uphold limits for her child, establish parameters of 
behavior and arrange a code of acceptable and not acceptable actions, and 
then hold Rachel to them.  Rachel - since you are the one writing in, you 
have set yourself up as the one in control already.  Now assert that control. 
 Get the pump if yo decide that is the best thing for you.  Make yourself 
test often.  YOU set those parameters for yourself - what is acceptable to 
YOU...DO you wanna feel like crapola due to swinging blood sugars or do you 
want to feel "normal?"  You will find that once your sugars are running more 
or less on an even keel, you will feel more encouraged to do even better!!!

Go for it and don't be discouraged by bleak thoughts of the future!!  The 
whole world might explode day after tomorrow...then again, it might not - 
might as well live like it won't!

dxed age 10, pumping 6.5 years MNMD507
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